Aman Card ” gives its subscribers unique privileges of a 24H hotline to respond to medical inquiries and know the addresses and prices of service providers, in addition to unprecedented discounts of up to 70% at various medical providers whether doctors, hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers, pharmacies and any other medical service in my widespread health network.

Aman Card offers its subscribers discounts on all medical services, even those that are not covered by any form of health insurance such as LASIK operations, cosmetic surgery and treatments, icing, nutrition programs and bariatric surgery, and many other services, making it suitable for individuals who are not insured or even those insured.


This Card gives you benefits and coverage reach to 70% For you only at All Our medical network (Single user) for 1 year but not allowed to add other person.


This card gives you benefits and a coverage reach to 70% for all Service at our networks and you can add 3 members to your card without any additional fees.